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As seen in the Pittsburgh Tribune
By Rachel Weaver | February 25, 2016

pittsburg tribune interview

During her esteemed career, interior designer Suzanne Rheinstein has established a signature style based on a simple maxim: “fewer things, but better things.”

“I like to bring together antiques and one-of-a-kind objects to make a very personal house that reflects those living in it,” says Rheinstein, owner of L.A.-based Hollyhock, the renowned home furnishing and accessories shop.

Rheinstein is a best-selling author, whose latest book, “Rooms for Living: A Style for Today With Things From the Past” (Rizzoli, $50), shows readers how to apply Rheinstein’s expert knowledge to each room of the home with the goal of using texture, color and proportion throughout to create harmony.

Question: As a designer, what inspires you?

Answer: I’m a mad gardener and inspired by anything in nature, but I also love cities. My inspiration comes from the glaciers of Patagonia to the most wonderful 17th-century architecture in the English countryside to the soaring contemporary architecture of Los Angeles.

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