Holidays with Suzanne Rheinstein

Decorator Suzanne Rheinstein Shares Tips for an Elegant Christmas

as featured on ONE KINGS LANE
Posted December 2015

Having grown up in New Orleans, Suzanne Rheinstein remembers Christmas as a time for grand gestures. “I have a memory of my mother—I must have been eight or nine—making a della Robbia-style garland. It went all the way around our doorway, and it had fruits on it that she’d shellacked and nuts that she’d wired on. I think it practically killed her, but it was quite spectacular.”

1 Holidays with SR

2 Keeping it elegant + simply festive

3 Remembering Traditions

4 Setting a southern spread

5 Punching up with blue, white and silver

6 Playing up with beautiful surprises

7 Displaying Family memories

8 SR Image

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