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May 2012

In Conversation with Suzanne Rheinstein
Masterful designer Suzanne Rheinstein creates traditional, but not stuffy or ostentatious spaces that feel comfortable yet luxurious. A Southern Belle after my own heart, Suzanne’s motto “Every day is all there is”, encapsulates the philosophy behind my mother’s way of life and the way I was raised back home in Mexico – stressing the importance of enjoying the beautiful things in life daily, not just for special occasions (such as ‘the good china’ or having fresh flowers at home).

Her designs have been published in all of the top design publications (including Architectural Digest, Elle Décor and House Beautiful), as well as her own book – ‘At Home’ which was released in late 2010. In addition to the success she has had with her interior design, Suzanne also has a very successful line of fabrics with Lee Jofa. A stunning collection inspired by antiquities which includes needlework, prints, linens, flocked patterns, textural solids, elegant silks and (my favourite) plush mohairs. Lee Jofa is also planning a carpet line with Rheinstein which will be released later this year.

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