Interview in Pittsburgh Tribune

As seen in the Pittsburgh Tribune
By Rachel Weaver | February 25, 2016

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During her esteemed career, interior designer Suzanne Rheinstein has established a signature style based on a simple maxim: “fewer things, but better things.”

“I like to bring together antiques and one-of-a-kind objects to make a very personal house that reflects those living in it,” says Rheinstein, owner of L.A.-based Hollyhock, the renowned home furnishing and accessories shop.

Rheinstein is a best-selling author, whose latest book, “Rooms for Living: A Style for Today With Things From the Past” (Rizzoli, $50), shows readers how to apply Rheinstein’s expert knowledge to each room of the home with the goal of using texture, color and proportion throughout to create harmony.

Question: As a designer, what inspires you?

Answer: I’m a mad gardener and inspired by anything in nature, but I also love cities. My inspiration comes from the glaciers of Patagonia to the most wonderful 17th-century architecture in the English countryside to the soaring contemporary architecture of Los Angeles.

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The New Orleans Advocate

As seen on the New Orleans Advocate
Designer Suzanne Rheinstein to speak on design, inspired by shotgun cottages to the Parthenon,” by r. Stephanie Bruno
February 15, 2015

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Internationally celebrated designer Suzanne Rheinstein learned about beautiful design early during her upbringing in New Orleans.

“I loved Jackson Square and the building in the French Quarter where I was reared,” she told Interior Design magazine.

She also cited “the shotgun cottages in New Orleans” — along with the Parthenon — as structures that have endured as inspirational resources.

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Atlanta Journal Constitution

Suzanne Rheinstein at the Cathedral Antiques Show
posted Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016

The Cathedral Antiques Show: Tips for decor and tablescapes

Decorating tip: “I think a look that feels very good to me now, no matter what kind of house it is in, is one that combines pieces from different eras,” she said. In a 1950s home for empty-nester clients, Rheinstein used a 19th-century kilim rug from Afghanistan with orange, purple and deep yellow in a room with light floors and off-white walls. Then she added a 19th-century Japanese tansu, a storage chest, in a more mellow dark red lacquer finish and a 17th-century English oak chair upholstered in linen next to the tansu. Above the tansu, she placed a colorful painting by Cuban artist Cundo Bermudez. “These are four different objects from four different countries, but the way they’re put together seems more for the way we live now. It’s a little more graphic,” she said.

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Holidays with Suzanne Rheinstein

Decorator Suzanne Rheinstein Shares Tips for an Elegant Christmas

as featured on ONE KINGS LANE
Posted December 2015

Having grown up in New Orleans, Suzanne Rheinstein remembers Christmas as a time for grand gestures. “I have a memory of my mother—I must have been eight or nine—making a della Robbia-style garland. It went all the way around our doorway, and it had fruits on it that she’d shellacked and nuts that she’d wired on. I think it practically killed her, but it was quite spectacular.”

1 Holidays with SR

2 Keeping it elegant + simply festive

3 Remembering Traditions

4 Setting a southern spread

5 Punching up with blue, white and silver

6 Playing up with beautiful surprises

7 Displaying Family memories

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